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Purify Your Swing Masterclass

For the Single Plane Golfer who aspires to model Moe Norman's technique exactly, the Purify Your Swing Masterclass will challenge you to raise your standards on achieving "Purity of Technique".

Like Moe Norman, you won't know how to hit a "bad" shot, because your swing technique is so pure and automatic.

This Masterclass requires a mindset that will set you apart from every golf buddy you have, but will have you striping every single shot for the rest of your playing days.

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Advanced Driver Masterclass
When it comes to enjoying the game, hitting the driver well can make a "so-so" scoring round much more fun. Simply put, hitting the driver well makes the game more fun.

The Advanced Driver Masterclass covers ALL aspects of hitting the driver well - from the mechanics of hitting the driver long and straight every time to shaping shots with the driver to put you into a position to score.

The content included in this Masterclass goes above and beyond any instruction provided in any Graves Golf school, going in-depth into how to become great with your driver.
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Advanced Short Game Masterclass

Over 70% of your score comes from shots inside 100 yards of the flag, and the Advanced Short Game Masterclass is your road map to improving all shots from 100 yards and in.

From the Pitch shot, to the 'fried egg' lie in the bunker, to the 3 foot "knee knocker" putts for birdie, there is not stone left unturned.

You'll be armed with the knowledge and each to implement instruction to immediately knock 5 strokes off your average score!

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Advanced Putting Masterclass

Just like the old adage goes, we "drive for show and putt for dough".

For the average golfer, putting represents nearly 40% of the strokes we take in a round of golf.  Simply put, becoming a great putter means becoming a really good golfer and lowering your handicap significantly.

The Advanced Putter Masterclass dives deep into putting, from the mechanics of a great putting stroke to "gamifying" your putting practice to emulate the pressure you experience on the course.  In addition, Tim Graves, PGA will introduce Aimpoint green reading, along with his over 40 years of competitive experience.

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Practice Like a Pro Masterclass

All great players share something in common when it comes to practice - they don't limit their practice to just the "practice" area at the course.  In fact, they use time on the course itself as an opportunity to practice!

In the Practice Like a Pro Masterclass, Tim Graves, PGA and the Graves Golf team will show you how you too can use time on the course to hone your skills in "real world" situations from tee to green.

Join Tim and the Graves team to discover how the golf course can become your playground to hone your skills in all aspects!

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Course Management Masterclass
While the Single Plane Swing makes us more consistent ball-strikers, when we play the game, the golf course itself presents us with different challenges every time we play.

Whether it's uneven lies, needing to shape a shot or change trajectory, every round you play presents the need to manage your game.

The Course Management Masterclass gives you the knowledge to develop the skills to manage any situation the course may throw your way. You'll be armed with the tools needed to play the game to your strengths while being fully prepared to navigate any situation you'll face during your round.