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Single Plane Solution


The Single Plane Solution is the ideal starting point if you are new to the Graves Golf Academy and/or the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. Comprised of 2 different DVD’s, the Single Plane Solution will familiarize you not only with the fundamentals of the incredible golf swing of Moe Norman, the World’s Greatest Ball striker but also in all areas of the short game and putting.

The Single Plane Solution DVD teaches:

The Fundamentals of Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf swing including:

  • Grip
  • Single Plane Address Position
  • The Pivot Point™
  • The Mid-Spine Intersect™
  • The Seven Positions and Movements of the Single Plane Golf Swing
  • The Transition Moe – Moe’s Vertical Drop

Before Moe Norman died in 2004, he was quoted as saying that Todd Graves was the only one who “really knew” his golf swing. In the Single Plane Solution, Todd and Tim Graves, founders of the Graves Golf Academy demonstrate the insights learned directly from Moe Norman. These insights are broken down into learnable pieces where Moe’s revolutionary swing can be easily learned by following the simple steps to understanding and feeling the swing Moe called “The Feeling of Greatness”.

Included in the Single Plane Solution DVD are Todd’s insights into why Moe created the most effective way to achieve the ideal impact position Todd calls “Perfect Impact™”. This perfect impact position begins with building a perfect relationship at address called the Pivot Point™ / Mid-Spine Intersect™. This perfect relationship is maintained throughout the golf swing completely simplifying the golf swing the easiest and most effective movement possible.