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Single Plane Pocket Coach

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Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When
You Order The Pocket Coach + DVD

  • More confidence in your next round of golf. In a 30 second review of the easy instructions, you’ll know exactly how to make the specific shot you’re stepping up to.
  • Instantly know what club you need to go the right distance. Your personal yardage table is key to eliminating the guesswork out of club selection and is on page 5 of the pocket coach for easy access.
  • Have a fallback if you aren’t feeling good about a shot. These proven, simple setup steps can be the difference between confidently hitting the shot you want and meekly attempting a “safe shot” out of fear of failure.
  • Simple, bullet point, fully-illustrated instructions to nail every shot you may encounter including divot lies, sand shots, short game, hooks, draws, high-loft tee shots, shots in the wind, hitting from the rough and many more.
  • Absolute portability. The pocket coach measures 4″x7″ which means you can always have your crystal clear instructions with you on the course. It’s like having your own personal caddie!
  • Get first access to the Pocket Coach, Pocket Coach DVD and Online Video when you pre-order right now. Not to mention the BIG savings you get from this limited time pre-order special.