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Perfect Putting Bundle

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Save BIG when you grab this Perfect Putting Bundle - you're getting the H3 Putting Putting Trainer + Excalibur + Throw-a-Holes

The Excalibur is a simple training tool and will put you on the road to becoming a GREAT Putter…and help you quickly reduce up to 5-10 strokes a round.  That’s why Tim designed Excalibur…the Ultimate Indoor Putting Trainer to help you shed strokes.

  • It helps you check your path, face, and speed which are the main checkpoints of putting
  • Alignment aid lines to help you square the face of the putter and your path during the stroke
  • Wider base than other putting tools for increased stability while putting
  • You don’t have to bend over to put the ball on Excalibur. You can rake it directly up with your putter and has turf to keep the ball in place
  • Bigger mirrors so you can see your eyes over the ball and a mirror for the follow through to make sure the putter face is still square
  • Markings on the mirror to measure your backstroke and follow-through
  • Lips on the mirror to make sure you don’t hit down on the ball
  • A level to make sure you are on a flat surface for set up either indoors or outdoors
  • Storage and Protection bag included


The H3 Putting Trainer is the next purchase you need to make for your bag.  We have several features to help you work on your putting stroke.  Check out some of the highlights:

  • Mirror for Eye and Shoulder Alignment to Create the Ideal Stroke
  • Easy to See Red Path and Face Lines, plus Blue Alignment Lines to Help the Putter Go Back Square
  • Putting Gates using Tees to Get Stroke Path Correct
  • Raised Edges for Proper Stroke


Throw-A-Hole. Many times there aren’t enough holes cut into the practice greens to accommodate golfers, thus making short game training a hassle, especially when multiple golfers are hitting putts and chips to the same hole. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own hole every time you practice? Now you can with my newly designed Graves Golf Throw-A-Hole. The Throw-A-Hole (TAH) allows you to simulate holes anywhere on the green. The 5.5 inch circular disc has a 4.25 inch center, the size of a regulation golf hole. Comes 3 in a pack.