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Moe Norman's Clinic Series - Decoding Moe - Digital


“Decoding Moe’s Single Plane Swing”

  • Debuts 3 Never-Seen Sessions Of Legend Moe Norman
  • Breaks Down Moe’s Swing Feelings Into Clear Motions You Can Practice Right Now
  • A Full Short Game Training DVD Utilizing 3-D Modeling Technology

“The King Of Swing”

3 Separate “Never-Seen” Videos of ‘Pipeline’ Moe Norman

•Moe Hitting Like You’ve Never Seen Before
•3 Separate Sessions of Moe Crushing Balls (‘87,’91,’98)
•All Commentary Subtitled From Audience & Moe
•Hear Moe’s Swing Commentary and Exactly the Feelings He Goes Through


This is the second DVD in this 3 DVD set and is called:

“Moe’s Notes”

The 3-D Breakdown of Moe’s Swing Fundamentals and Feelings

•Get the Detailed Meaning Behind What Moe Says in Disc 1
•Learn How to “Decode” Moe’s Swing With 3-D Modeling
•Precision Training Takes Your Single Plane Swing to the Next Level
•Easy-to-Implement Swing Training Designed To Improve Your Consistency – FAST

This DVD is doing something that’s never been done here at the Graves Golf Academy, and as far as I know, is the ONLY training you can access ANYWHERE that is using this technology to improve your understanding of the exact swing motions you need to follow to get more consistency in your golf swing.

If you’ve been to one of my schools in the last couple of years, you more than likely heard me talk, maybe more than you would have cared to hear, about the biomechanics and physics behind the single plane swing. But it has paid off.

You Finally Get To DECODE Moe’s Swing!

I, with the help of my team and some of most cutting-edge 3-D and physics modeling software and video production equipment in the world, have distilled the subtleties of Moe’s commentary and swing into something real and tangible.

After hours of modeling and studio work, in combination with the rare, nearly-lost-forever footage of Moe, I’ve made a huge leap forward in my understanding, but more importantly, my ability to CONVEY that understanding to my students.

And for the first time ever, I’m combining this never-before-seen footage of Moe in action with the cutting edge physics and 3-D modeling work that distills Moe’s feelings into an actionable system of swing steps and body positions into one multi-DVD box set.

And that’s not all! These first two DVDs in this training create a core understanding of these consistency-focussed, muscle-memory swing motions.

Disc 3 we’re adding another layer – “Moe’s Short Game.” This DVD takes the same principles of biomechanics and efficient swing motions established in the first two discs and applies them to…

DVD 3: Moe’s Short Game

•Learn Moe’s Short Game From A Brand New Perspective
•Discover the Hidden “Gems” Moe Used to Get It Up and Down Every Time
•Instruction Guaranteed To Improve Your Short Game
•A Full Training in and of Itself!

My brother, Tim has once again knocked it out of the park with his instruction in this DVD. You’re getting a double-whammy of great training:

Moe’s short game swing secrets taught from the biomechanic perspective. And you’re getting it from a guy is able to convey the subtleties of this aspect of the game like nobody else I know. You’re going to love it.

All 3 of the DVD’s in this set build upon each other and combine to form what I’m calling…