How To Feel  Swing Plane &  Lag  In Your Swing In
15 Minutes Or Less...And Feel Exactly What Moe
Norman Felt.

Attention: Learn The One Thing That's Nearly Impossible to Teach

What Is The Hardest Thing To Teach You?

Simply put, the hardest thing to teach you is "Feel".


Because feel is a product correct positioning of both the body and golf club.

In addition, the feelings of correct positioning is very personalized. Every person describes their feelings differently.

While we can help you get your body and club positions correctly, when it comes to combining everything

together and sequencing your golf swing, there really hasn't been a good way to train that, until now! Watch the video to see more!

How to Learn the Feeling of Ideal Swing Plane
and Lag

While teaching you feel of the ideal swing plane and lag (power) in your swing is difficult, it isn't impossible. The "old school" way of learning feel in your swing is to first perfect the positions of your body and club, and then repeat. And
repeat. AND REPEAT!

But now, through a creative design process, we have developed an aid that will accelerate your learning of your swing positions and sequence with every swing your take with it. (see graphic). 

When you feel the ideal swing plane, and then feel how to properly "lag" the club in the downswing for speed and power, you become a more efficient ball striker - just like Moe Norman.

The Swing Thing is a unique training aid in that it forces you to "Plane the Chain" each time you swing it. For more detail, see the video in this section.

How Todd Uses the Swing Thing to Refresh

His Feelings

"Not only do I use the Swing Thing to train my swing plane and lag, but my favorite way to use it is to warm up for a practice session or round. It helps me get my timing and sequence back." - Todd Graves

For many of us, the pre-round warmup is a mixed bag. We kind of stretch, we kind of take a few swings to try to "feel" our swing again, however, what are we really accomplishing?

With the Swing Thing, we can warm up our body, get our feelings of ideal swing plane and lag back, as well as get our timing and sequence back. In short, using the Swing Thing as a pre-round warmup tool is a perfect way to get our swing grooved for our round!

How to Transfer the Feeling of Plane and

Lag to Your 6 iron

While the Swing Thing is perfect for feeling swing plane and lag (speed) in your swing, you can also use it to train on the range.

In the video, Todd explains how he combines the Swing Thing with his Feeling of Greatness Training Club to "transfer" the feelings of plane and lag from the Swing Thing to the Training Club for an efficient and effective practice session.

What Customers are saying about The Swing Thing

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The Swing Thing is the perfect tool for any Single Plane Golfer to "feel" swing plane, lag, and speed in their swing.  By simply "planing the chain", you are ingraining the ideal positions and sequence in your swing.


Order the Swing Thing today. Practice with it for the next two full months. If at the end of that time, you can’t honestly say you don't feel plane and lag… just send it back and I’ll issue a full refund.

No questions. No problems. No hard feelings.

But I honestly doubt that’ll happen. The Swing Thing is the tool I wish I had when first honing my Single Plane Swing skills. I’m pretty sure once you start practicing with the Swing Thing… you won’t give it up for any reason.

Why would you?

No other trainer virtually guarantees you develop the perfect swing plane and lag, as well as becoming your "go-to" tool for pre-round warmup, as well as hitting drop-dead gorgeous shots. Perfect shots. From now on.

Get yours before the limited supply runs out…

Sincerely yours,

Todd Graves