Meet the most important training tool for Grooving the single plane swing...

How I Discovered a Simple Way to Groove the Single Plane Swing with a Broom Stick from My Closet.

"After studying Moe's swing for hours upon end, I made a discovery that changed everything for me." - Todd Graves

a discovery that uncovered the secret of the world's greatest ball striker

Perched on the driving range in Chicago, Illinois in 1994, with his clubs strewn about, I watched Moe Norman , the greatest ball striker of all time, strike shot after shot with effortless perfection. I could hardly believe what I saw. I was amazed at how simple his swing looked.  

Intrigued and inspired, I quickly grabbed my video camera and recorded his swing. I wanted to have something to study. Something I could watch and mimic later. (You can see that rare 1994 Video on this page).

With video in hand, I couldn't wait to start my journey learning Moe's Single Plane Swing. I was determined to master his simple move.

I studied the video. All I could think about was "I need to learn to feel Moe's swing. If I could feel it, I can master it."

I thought it would be easy. Just match what he was doing from the video, right? Thats where I started to have problems.

Then, started drawing lines on the tv screen and I noticed something that you might call a secret.

Moe Norman's swing is the perfect swing model. When you master his "club to body" relationship and you master his Single Plane swing. It's that simple.

The Pivot Point is the club-to-body relationship that promotes a consistently perfect impact position, the most important moment in a golf swing.

When I studied Moe's swing frame by frame, I started drawing line on the TV screen.  And to my surprise, the lines I drew on the TV showed how the club points to the lead side.

When I saw how the club references a specific point, I was so excited I ran to my closet and grabbed the longest thing I could find that would attach to my lead side - a broom.  

I extended my hands down the broom until it touched my side, just above my hip.  

It felt like the "club" was connected to me. Then when I turned into the backswing, everything moved together in one piece. Everything moved together.

It had established what I now call the "Club to Body" relationship. The broomstick helped me feel Moe's lead-side "how to get to impact" relationship.

The Club-to-Body is the spatial relationship of the club from address to impact. When you establish it at address, it greatly simplifies your ability to move the club to impact. 

This is how Moe did it! This is how he simplified golf.  

He discovered how to make impact easier. What could be more important than that?

I had discovered a way to make the feeling of Moe's swing understandable and achievable. All I had to do was copy the movement. 

Discovering the pivot point was revolutionary but I started running into a problem with the broomstick.    

Without the proper grip I couldn't move my hands correctly to the top of the backswing. The broomstick solved one problem but created another. 

After discovering the Pivot Point, I also found that how I held the club was important to swing plane and the leverage the club to the top of the backswing.

The Broomstick was too wide and made it impossible to correctly place my hands. It didn't feel like a golf club. It made it difficult to move the hands together.  

How to Feel Exactly What Moe Felt in His Swing

Todd once asked Moe what he would do if he was teaching someone his swing.  Moe quipped, "They gotta hit their positions!"

As we work to build our Single Plane Swing, we are working towards a singular goal - to get the club into the impact position perfectly every single time.

Starting at with the Single Plane Grip & Address (Foundation), through each position of the backswing and downswing (Position), the Single Plane Position Trainer teaches you how to move your body and the club exactly the way Moe did.

"What could be better than a tool that puts you in exactly the same positions as Moe every time?" - Todd Graves

When you practice with the Single Plane Position Trainer, you are working on your Foundation & Positions of your Singe Plane Swing.

In our training model, the Single Plane Position Trainer is a Feedback Accelerator as well as a Repetition Accelerator.

How the Single Plane Position Trainer Accelerates Your Learning

  • Establishes the ideal Club-to-Body position at address helping you create the shaft forward / hands forward relationship at the start of the swing motion.

  • The Feeling of Greatness Grip places the hands on the club perfectly, helping you position your hands correctly for ideal hand movement (leverage).

  • Attaches to the Pivot Point and lead side reference helping you feel and learn all of the positions of the backswing and downswing.

  • Produces width of the arms from the body producing the proper spacing of the arms from the body teaching you the perfect backswing and downswing.

  • Knowing the spacing of the arms help you fold the trail arm and hinge the hands giving you helps the angles of the club for leverage and speed.

  • With the ideal club to body relationship, the SPPT teaches you how to move the club correctly and by doing to, you naturally put the club on the Single Plane, the ideal position to get to impact.

  • Gives your arms spacing and width which is the key to helping you consistency repeat the moment of impact.

Why Todd Still Uses the Single Plane Position Trainer Daily

Even for a seasoned professional, sometimes you simply lose "feel" in your swing.  As Todd mentions in the video, when he has a layoff in between times he can practice or play, the Single Plane Position Trainer is his "go-to" tool of choice to refresh and maintain the feeling of the perfect Single Plane Swing.

"Within 5-6 minutes of using the trainer, I've got my feelings back.  I'll use it in the house, garage, or on the range before I hit balls." - Todd Graves

"A great swing comes in 3 phases - Learning, Practicing, and Maintaining.  The Position Trainer helps me maintain my technique." - Todd Graves

How the Single Plane Position Trainer Solves the Dreaded Early Release

"You simply cannot release early with the Position Trainer." - Todd Graves

Most golfers using the Single Plane Position Trainer for the first time are shocked about how much power and distance they've been losing due to an early release of the club in the downswing.

Feeling the correct way to release the club into the ball is a revelation that will have you hitting longer, more solid shots right away.

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Designed to teach you the exact movement of Moe Norman's genius Single Plane Swing, the Single Plane Position Trainer is your fast-track to consistently great ball-striking.



My 60-day Money Back Guarantee

Order the Single Plane Position Trainer today.  Practice with it for the next two full months. If at the end of that time, you can’t honestly say this tool doesn't transform your swing… just send it back and I’ll issue a full refund.

No questions. No problems. No hard feelings.

But I honestly doubt that’ll happen. Because I’ve done all the hard work and trial and error into this training aid.  I've made all the mistakes in order to perfect this tool for you.  I wish I had this tool when first honing my Single Plane Swing skills.  I’m pretty sure once you start practicing with the Single Plane Position Trainer… you won’t give it up for any reason.

Why would you?

No training aid on the market guarantees you feel EXACTLY the same positions of the swing that Moe Norman did.  Every single time you practice with it.  Forever.

Get yours now…your "Feeling of Greatness" awaits.

Sincerely yours,

Todd Graves