Discover How to simplify putting forever!  Become consistent on the green every day

Your performance on the putting green can be the difference between a personal best score and a really bad day.

We've all experienced this.  Some days, we are just "on" with the putter, and other days, we can't seem to make anything at all. Poor results on the putting green don’t happen on their own without some help.

For the average golfer, putting represents 43% of the score on your card.  Yet, most golfers simply don't enjoy practicing putting.  For many, even 15 minutes of practice leads to a sore back, along with a whole list of fundamentals to check with each stroke.

In over 25 years of teaching putting, I've found golfers become inconsistent due to 3 common faults:

FAULT #1:  Not creating or maintaining shaft lean throughout the putting stroke.  This one fault causes poor direction and distance control on your putts.

FAULT #2:  Not having the eyes over the ball (and intended target line).  This fault results in an "arcing" stroke, where the face opens and closes relative to the target line.  In addition, if your eyes are not over the ball, you are seeing a different line than you read from behind.

FAULT #3:  Using the same grip on the putter that you use on the full swing.  This fault results in a release of the putter head, causing a clubface that is not square at impact.

To help you eliminate these 3 common faults (plus ensure perfect fundamentals with every stroke) we have developed the Lock-N-Roll Putter.  Watch below to learn more…

A Putter that forces ideal mechanics in your putting stroke

(Turn your putting into READ IT and ROLL it, without a long list of fundamental checkpoints)

How Does The Lock-N-Roll Putter Help You Fix The three Most Common Faults and ensure ideal putting mechanics every time?

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Lock-n-Roll Putter

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