“FIX YOUR IMPACT AND ADDRESS – with the Perfect Impact Training Club.”

The Perfect Impact Training Club gives you visual feedback on whether you achieved the ideal club and shaft position at address. Then, as you practice, you will get instant kinesthetic feedback that you have the perfect shaft angle at the most important moment of the golf swing – impact.

The Perfect Impact Training Club teaches you the proper shaft angle at address and the ideal compression shaft angle at impact.

The Perfect Impact Training Club, with its unique shaft and club head design is everything you want in a practice trainer teaching you visually and kinesthetically giving you instant feedback every time you practice.

  • The Trainer teaches both ideal shaft angle at address and impact.
  • Designed to achieve the proper Shaft lean forward at impact.
  • Club shaft visually indicates the proper shaft angle at address
  • The clubface is designed to provide instant feedback on proper impact.
  • Reverse loft below impact zone of club
  • Promotes the ideal compression angle at ball-impact
  • Teaches you how to positively hit down on the golf ball and deliver the sweet spot of the club to the ball creating a perfect impact
  • Lower impact line disappears with proper shaft angle at address.
  • 6 Iron models available – Includes the Graves Golf “Single Plane” Grip to indicate proper hand position and pressure points

See immediate and SIGNIFICANT changes to your score…