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Improve Your Move


It’s the Most Critical Moment in the Golf Swing…And Almost EVERY Amateur Screws It Up!

Watch this Video to Discover Moe’s “Magic Move” and How You Can Quickly and Easily Master this Crucial Swing Element and Start Hitting Straighter, Longer Shots…

Some of my fondest memories are of standing on the range, watching Moe Norman hit golf balls…

It was an amazing sight to see. Every shot would sail long and true, on the same boring trajectory, in a straight line. I’ve never seen anything like it, nor has the world of golf, ever since.

One day I was studying Moe’s swing extra closely, trying to figure out the secret that brought everything together into such a powerful force with perfect impact position. Was it the extra wide stance? The spine tilt at address? The arms extended on the same plane as the shaft? The quirky follow through and finish?

But as much as I racked my brain, I couldn’t put my finger on one specific thing. There was so much happening in Moe’s swing, it was difficult to pin down the real key to his remarkable distance and consistency.

So finally, I flat out asked him—

“Moe, What’s the REAL Secret of Your Swing”?

He looked at me, grinned that toothless grin of his, and said, “That’s easy Todd—it’s Buckle, Sit, Slide, and Bump.”

WHAT? Now I was REALLY confused!

But Moe went on to explain, detailing what each word meant and how it pertained to the most critical moment in the Single Plane Swing.

And Suddenly, the Light Went On…

Just like that, I saw what the secret of Moe’s swing was, and the “magic move” that brought all of the principles of the Single Plane Swing into perfect synchronization and delivered a smashing blow to the golf ball. It was so simple, so incredibly easy,

I Laughed at Myself Because I Hadn’t Seen it Earlier!

However, for easy as the “magic move” was to discover, I see very few amateur golfers actually DOING it in their golf swing.

It’s true—they’ve got all the other parts of the Single Plane Swing performing as they’re supposed to, but the results are far from stellar. The slices, hooks, tops, and duffs are still there, plaguing their every round. And they’re scratching their head because they have no clue why it’s not working.

Sound familiar? I’ll bet there’s more than a few of you out there nodding your heads in agreement. But I’ve got great news for you today…

If you can give me just an hour or so of your time, I’ll reveal the “magic move” to you, and explain in great detail how every Single Plane golf swing virtually lives—and dies—on this one crucial moment.

Then, I’ll show you the fastest, easiest roadmap to implementing this move into your own swing, bringing a quick stop to all those wayward shots and eliminating the frustrations you’re feeling during every round.

I Call it the “Improve Your Move” System…

Inside my Improve Your Move DVD, I’ll hand you the secrets to Moe’s “magic move” in an easy-to-understand way that traditional golf instruction has never been able to teach…

We’ll huddle together and break it all down—from the moment of transition to the moment of impact—and look closely at what each part of the body is doing to maximize distance and accuracy, and how you can easily work these same key factors into your own swing.

Then, I’ll guide you through a series of training drills and flexibility exercises specifically engineered to put everything on fast-forward, virtually accelerating the “improving your move” process to blazing speeds and getting you on the fast track to better scores (and a fatter wallet on the 19th hole) in less time than you would think.

Soon, That Same Light Will Come On for You Too…

As you finally see what your swing has been missing all this time. And you’ll kick yourself for not getting this DVD sooner!

And here’s another look at what we’ll cover inside Improve Your move…

  • The Knee Roll
  • Advanced Hip Roll
  • Squat Stretch
  • Chair Twists
  • Leg Swings
  • Forward Leg Raises
  • Side Leg Raises
  • Arm Circles
  • Arm Swings
  • The Side Step
  • PVC Training
  • Posture Training
  • Swing To Impact Training
  • Vertical Drop
  • Hands Leading Training
  • Pressure Training


Plus, You’ll Also Receive my Improve Your
Move Training Manual…

This e-book is jam-packed with all the in-depth golf instruction you need to master the magic move, including detailed pictures and instructions of everything you see inside the DVD. Simply print it out, take notes while you watch, stuff it inside your golf bag, and bring it to the range with you for quick reference. It’s a tremendous tool, and it’s absolutely free with your order today.

As you can see, the Improve Your Move program is a must-have if you’re really looking to master the Single Plane Swing as fast as possible…

And I’m looking to get this DVD in as many hands as I can, so those who are struggling with their Single Plane Swing can quickly and easily correct their major faults and start hitting those ultra-long, frozen-rope shots that never deviate from their line on a more consistent basis.

So I’m Sweetening the Deal with an Extra BONUS…

It’s my exclusive training video titled “Save Your Back: Moe’s Secrets to No Back Pain”…

In this short video lesson, I’ll reveal the REAL reason why your back screams in pain every time you swing a club, and the damaging stress that’s being put on your spine by traditional golf swing methods …

Then, I’ll give you a simple fix to help eliminate this debilitating pain from your golf game forever and start enjoying the game again—no matter how old you may be.

If back pain has made playing 18 holes is a struggle for you, or if you’ve given up the game altogether because you simply can’t stand the agony anymore, then THIS is a must-see video for you. And I’ll give you instant online access to this Save Your Back video—at no extra charge whatsoever– with your Improve Your Move order today.

So you get everything you see on this page–the Improve Your Move DVD, the Improve Your Move Training Manual, and the FREE Save Your Back bonus video—for the unbelievably low price you see below…

All for Less Than What You’d Pay for a Dozen Balls (and Not Even Give it a Second Thought)…

That’s right—you can get your hands on this entire package (which could very well transform your game into the powerhouse of length and consistency you’ve always dreamed of) for considerably less than what you would pay for a decent used club…a round at a mid-level muny…or even a dozen premium balls. Talk about VALUE!

So What’s Stopping You?

You’re only one click away from improving your move and actually swinging the club like you were meant to—with rhythm, authority, and an explosive impact that makes players on the nearly tee boxes turn and say “What was THAT?”

Grab your Improve Your Move package today at this special, limited-time only pricing and let’s start working together to get your Single Plane Swing where it needs to be.