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Excalibur Indoor Putting Trainer


Very quickly after starting to use our Excalibur Indoor Putting Trainer, you will become a better putter. In fact, you will see positive results almost immediately.

Using this simple training tool, again and again, will put you on the road to becoming a GREAT Putter…and help you quickly reduce up to 5-10 strokes a round.  That’s why Tim designed Excalibur…the Ultimate Indoor Putting Trainer to help you shed strokes.

Check out the features and benefits of the new Excalibur Putting Trainer…

  • It helps you check your path, face, and speed which are the main checkpoints of putting
  • Alignment aid lines to help you square the face of the putter and your path during the stroke
  • Wider base than other putting tools for increased stability while putting
  • You don’t have to bend over to put the ball on Excalibur. You can rake it directly up with your putter and has turf to keep the ball in place
  • Bigger mirrors so you can see your eyes over the ball and a mirror for the follow through to make sure the putter face is still square
  • Markings on the mirror to measure your backstroke and follow-through
  • Lips on the mirror to make sure you don’t hit down on the ball
  • A level to make sure you are on a flat surface for set up either indoors or outdoors