The TOP Chipping Mistakes 90% of Golfers Make... and How To Avoid Them!

WARNING: If You Want To Chip the Ball into "Gimmee" Range Regularly, and Drive Your Buddies Nuts - Read This Entire Page Right Now!

What Is The Secret To Chipping Success?

In order to become great with your wedges around the green, there are 2 main things you MUST do:

1 - Maintain an ideal grip to club face relationship
2 - Lead the club head through impact with your hands while striking down on the ball to create spin.

In our years of experience teaching golfers just like you, these 2 common faults cause headache and misery around the greens for over 90% of golfers.

If you can perform those 2 simple things above with your wedges, then your wedge shots around the green transform from "Hope I just get it close enough not to 2-putt" to "I'm going to hole this chip".

In the video to the right, Tim explains how a simple, yet very effective tool can teach you exactly how to become a master around the green. 

How a Simple Tool Can Help You Avoid Mistakes and Become Great Around the Green

If you struggle with consistency in chipping, pitching, and even your full swing, then you MUST watch the video to the left.

Tim explains how the Short Game Impact Trainer not only helps solve the mistakes that plague the vast majority of golfers with their wedges, but also how practicing chipping with this simple tools will benefit every part of your game!

How To Perfect Chipping Stroke with The Short Game Impact Trainer

We firmly believe that a fundamentally solid chipping stroke mimics the impact positions of the full swing.

With some simple exercises with the Short Game Impact Trainer, either indoors or at the range, you can learn to feel the ideal impact position of not only a great chipping stroke, but also your full swing.

In the videos in this section, Tim will give you some very simple, yet effective ways to practice your chipping stroke using the Short Game Impact Trainer.

How to Train Longer Chips and Punch Shots with the Short Game Impact Trainer

The Short Impact Training Club is actually a "penalizing" club.  By design, the club will give you instant feedback on the quality of your impact position in your chipping stroke.

As you progress, you'll want to expand your training to learn how to hit longer chips and the always valuable "punch" shot.  (FYI, it's just a really long chip.)

In this video, Tim shows you how to train for the longer chips and punch shots, all while mimicking the exact same movement as your full swing.

As Tim likes to say in his teaching - "Start with a small swing and build from there".

The Short Game Impact Trainer lets you do just that!

Case Studies with The Short Game Impact Training Club

The genesis of the Short Game Impact Trainer was requests from Single Plane Golfers just like you!

In these videos, see how William & Greg instantly got valuable feedback and training with just a few swings with the Short Game Impact Trainer!

In fact, William loved the Trainer so much he asked to buy one right then and there!

And as Greg noted, "You can't get away with flipping through impact with this club."

What Customers are saying about the Short Game Impact Training Club

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Short Game Impact Trainer
Short Game Impact Trainer
Short Game Impact Trainer
Short Game Impact Trainer
Short Game Impact Trainer

Providing you instant feedback on every shot, the short game impact Trainer helps you develop and perfect a great chipping stroke!  in addition, you'll be learning the ideal impact position for your full swing as well! 



My iron clad 60-day Money Back Guarantee

Order the Short Game Impact Training Club today.  Practice with it for the next two full months. If at the end of that time, you can’t honestly say this club is a game-changer… just send it back and I’ll issue a full refund.

No questions. No problems. No hard feelings.

But I honestly doubt that’ll happen. Because I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this training aid.  It’s the club I wish I had when first teaching.  I’m pretty sure once you start practicing with the Short Game Impact Training Club… you won’t give it up for any reason.

Why would you?

No other club virtually guarantees you develop the pro-level habit of hitting pin seeking chips every time. Perfect chips. From now on.

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Sincerely yours,

Tim Graves