Finally! Here's The Secret To Making Perfect Impact And Hitting The Ball Solidly More Often... Now!

Discover The Only Golf Club That Forces You To Hit Solid Shots

To maximize distance, there is an "ideal" way to strike a golf ball.  Simply put, the impact position requires some specific conditions in order to be effective.

Most importantly, the hands should lead the clubhead, creating "shaft lean".

In this video, Todd explains the conditions that must be in place to get the most out of your golf swing and a tool we've designed to "force" you to hit the ball perfectly. 

Understanding The Ideal Single Plane Impact Position

For every one of us working on our golf swing, we are in essence working on achieving a consistent impact position.

When we get more consistent in our impact position, we get more consistent ball flight results and more consistent distances.

In the video to the left, Todd will explain the perfect Single Plane Impact Position, along with a very simple and effective way to train it.

How To Feel and Develop Impact in Your Single Plane Swing

As we work to build our Single Plane Swing, we are working towards a singular goal - to get the club into the impact position perfectly every single time.

Starting at with our Single Plane Grip & Address (Foundation), and through the downswing position (Position), each aspect of the swing that build correctly makes it simpler for us to more consistently get into impact perfectly every single time.

When you practice with the Perfect Impact Training Club, you are working on your Foundation & Positions of your Singe Plane Swing.

In our training model, the Perfect Impact Training Club would be considered a Feedback Accelerator as well as a Repetition Accelerator.

Through it's design and instant feedback capability, every swing with the Perfect Impact Training club is getting your closer to matching our Single Plane model, Moe Norman.

How the Perfect Impact Training Club Helps You Learn and Perfect Impact

The Perfect Impact Training Club is actually a "penalizing" club.  Designed to be used at the range, the club will give you instant feedback on the quality of your impact position.

With the bottom of the clubface set to a "negative" loft, you must achieve the correct shaft lean (5-7 degrees) at the moment of impact to strike the club on the center of the face.

Perfect for golfers who struggle with the infamous 'early release', the Perfect Impact Training Club will train you to get the hands leading the club head into impact with the correct shaft lean.

In addition, designed into the club are aids to help you perfect your Single Plane Grip and Address positions.

If you've struggled with an early release, or don't hit the ball as far as you should, then the Perfect Impact Training Club is a perfect tool to accelerate your Single Plane learning!

See The Perfect Impact Training Club Transform In 3 Swings

One of our great students and friends Calvin agreed to come out and shoot a video with Todd showing how quickly and effectively the Perfect Impact Training Club can work for every Single Plane golfer.

Calvin was an absolute trooper and by the 2nd swing the only words out of his mouth were "Wow!"

Check out Calvin's video to the right!

"As a former educator, I love the immediate feedback this club provides!" - Calvin

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Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club

The Perfect Impact Training Club, with its unique shaft and club head design is everything you want in a practice trainer teaching you visually and kinesthetically giving you instant feedback every time you practice.



My iron clad 60-day Money Back Guarantee

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No questions. No problems. No hard feelings.

But I honestly doubt that’ll happen. Because I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this training aid.  It’s the club I wish I had when first honing my Single Plane Swing skills.  I’m pretty sure once you start practicing with the Perfect Impact Training Club… you won’t give it up for any reason.

Why would you?

No other club virtually guarantees you develop the pro-level habit of hitting drop-dead gorgeous shots. Perfect shots. From now on.

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Sincerely yours,

Todd Graves