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The Only Training Club Designed To Make You Hit Perfect Shots!

Automatically develop the pro-level habit of "dialing in" the sweet spot every time you step up to the ball

Meet Kelvin Harris

Kelvin is struggling hitting his irons with solid contact at impact.  He is frustrated with not knowing how to fix his issues and get immediate feedback, until he talked with Todd Graves, Co-Founder of Graves Golf about the Perfect Impact Training Club.

If becoming a solid player who can hit the ball with repeatable consistency is important to you... then... read every word on this page. Here's why...

Back in 2015, Tim and I took a tour of the "Mecca" of golf. I'm talking about the Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, California. It is perhaps the most advanced golf research and development facility in the entire world. Within its building, some of the brightest minds in golf (doctors, scientists and elite pros) spend their time figuring out how golfers can play at their very best. 

They use cutting-edge technology such as Trackman and "Iron Byron" swing systems to analyze golf swings, spin rates, launch angles, smash factors... and... everything else imaginable to determine what allows a golfer... any golfer... to hit the ball straight and far

During our visit, the Manager of Custom Fittings, Corey Newman, revealed...

The Single Biggest Factor To
Playing Golf At Your Highest Potential

Whether you’re aiming for the PGA… or… just want to beat the pants off your buddies on the weekends… it’s the one thing (above all others) that determines success on the links. 

Listen to this…Corey knows his business inside and out. 

He’s worked with PGA and LPGA Tour players and key amateurs. Phil MickelsonXander SchauffeleHenrik StensonDanny Willett, and Michelle Wie are among just a small handful of top players who Corey has fitted over the years. Corey has tested, analyzed and fitted hundreds of golfers at all levels. 

Players from all over the world visit the performance center to improve their game. Corey has seen the best of the best… and… everyone in between.
(You should hear some of his “side-splitting” stories about famous players.) 

He uses the most advanced technology available to track ball speed, spin, flight and distance. What got my attention was when Corey told me he could “predict” which players had the potential to perform at the upper echelons of golf. And guess what? 

The answer is…

Not How Far You
Can Hit The Ball

Sure it helps to cream the ball three or four football fields down range. But driving for distance is not the most important factor to golf success. 

You might be tempted to think it has something to do with your mid-game. Nope. 

Getting to the green in less strokes is crucial… but… it’s not THE element that predicts your golf success either. 

What about putting? A sharp putting game is essential… but… still not quite it. So if it’s not driving for distance… 

If it’s not mastering the mid-game…If it’s not putting… then… what is it?

Corey Shared The Secret With Us Based On Years Of Data Analyzed By The Foremost Golf Researchers On The Planet

Let me explain it to in plain English… 

Cranking mile-long drives is every golfer’s obsession. The problem is… even if you’re pretty good at the tee box…most golfers are inconsistent. One drive the ball rockets off the tee close to 300-yards. The next drive it barely squeaks passed the 100-yard marker. 

Same thing when it comes to irons and wedges. 

And you and I both know… whether you’re a monster off the tee box or not… the approach game from say 150-yards in is where a round is won or lost. 

Well… again… the problem is amateurs and recreational golfers have little to no control over their mid-range shots. How many times have you watched in disbelief as an easy-as-pie 50-yard-to-the-green strike sails over the green to the far side sand trap? 


Happens every day on golf courses around the world. Most “duffers” simply can’t gauge how fast and how far the ball will travel. 

On the other hand… according to the data compiled by the Ely Callaway Performance Center… Corey told us what determines a golfer’s potential is the…

Consistency Of Ball Speed

Corey noticed great players produce consistent ball speeds from all of their clubs. Without exception. 

They may hold the club differently. They may use conventional or unorthodox swing mechanics. They may generate more power from their drivers. Or they may be short-hitters who play a killer short game. But what every single great player possesses is the ability to generate almost the exact same ball speeds from the clubs in their bag. 

For instance… with a driver… good players achieve ball speeds between 150 to 170 miles per hour. And they consistently yield ball speeds in that range every time they swing a driver. 

How do you generate consistent ball speed? Good question. 

Average to poor golfers swing the club erratically. Their ball speed is all over the chart. Which results in inconsistent ball flight distances… and thus… unpredictable yardages. Good players get the club to impact the same way on every swing. 

Repeatable impact on a consistent basis results in consistent ball speeds. 

It’s just that simple. Of course, understanding this point intellectually is one thing. 

Being able to execute on the golf course is a totally different matter. Which is why we designed the…

Revolutionary Perfect Impact Training Club

The Perfect Impact Training Club is the only one of its kind. 

It literally “coaches” you to achieve the single plane impact position… which… creates the perfect angle of attack into the golf ball. As you practice with this training aid you will: 

  • Hit the ball with solid contact on all your shots. 
  • Effortlessly develop muscle memory to address the ball properly when you set up. 
  • Infuse your mind and body with how it “feels” to reach impact correctly. 
  • Get instant visual feedback from the club at address… and… kinesthetic feedback at the moment of impact. Which helps you make swing adjustments with ease. 
  • Make perfect divots and loft the ball into the air from anywhere on the course. 
  • Develop consistent ball speeds to hit the ball where you want just like the pros. 
  • Shave strokes off your score in less time with less struggle.

A Training Club Specifically
Designed For Single Plane Golfers… Only!

Perfect Impact Training Club

The only training aid specifically designed to teach single plane golfers how to strike the ball with perfect impact on every shot… so that… you achieve consistent ball speeds… and… improve your game with ease.

  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club
Perfect Impact Training Club

There’s nothing like it on the market…

...because… the Perfect Impact Training Club was designed for single plane golfers only

In fact, Moe “Pipeline” Norman was the inspiration for this club. 

Over the years I played a lot of golf with Moe. I watched him like a hawk on every drive, iron shot and put. The one thing that stood out to me (besides his masterful swing mechanics) was that he never took a steep divot. 

Not once can I remember when Moe hit the ball and a chunk of grass flew up. (I call those “mortar shots” and Moe never took one while I studied under him.) 

How is that possible? Moe had a saying. He called his divots “bacon strips, not pork chops.” 

 That’s because…  

Watch In Amazement As Your Golf
Game Improves In No Time…

Practicing with the Perfect Impact Training Club allows you to become a better golfer. 


First: The club is designed to show you if your address position is off. When you address the ball properly, the lower impact line disappears. This means you’ve achieved the correct shaft angle at address. 

Second: The club design virtually guarantees your angle of attack is right on the money. Upon impact, you’ll instantly “feel” whether you hit the ball square or not.

Third: As you perfect the club angle into impact, the ball will fly off the club face with consistent speeds. And since the club trains you to achieve perfect impact… before you know it… you’ll be striking the ball as consistently as a touring pro. 

This training club truly shortcuts the time it takes to improve your game.

It’s perfect for… 

  • High-Handicappers striving to break 100, 90 or 80. Your ability to drop strokes off your score is directly dependent on your ability to achieve consistent ball speeds. The Perfect Impact Training Club is your best bet to hitting the ball right where you want every time. 
  • Older golfers who want to compete against players half their age. By developing the proper “feel” into impact, you’ll strike the ball pure and true. The cocky young guns on the links will be begging you for lessons. 
  • Up-and-coming amateurs ready to take their game to a whole new level. Want to hit more greens-in-regulation? Want to reach the cup in less strokes? Want to see your score drop like a lead balloon? No problem. The Perfect Impact Training Club is the key to your success. 
  • Short-hitters who want to make up strokes from 150 yards in. Most golf games are won within this distance to the cup anyway. This club will help you master the approach and short game so you win more rounds… and… leave the long-hitters scratching their heads. 
  • Scratch players seeking to perfect their golf game. Nothing will make you a better player than knowing how to gauge ball flight and distance. This club is the “secret weapon” to take your game well beyond where it is right now. 

And the best part is you can own one today! 

I’ve got a limited number of these training clubs. 

The suggested retail price is… $129. A great deal too… but… If you get one of these few remaining clubs in inventory, I want to give you an… even better deal

If you order one of the clubs in stock right now, I’ll take $30 out of my pocket and give it to you. In other words, your investment is… just $97.

Now, I know I could actually RAISE the price on these and still sell out just because we sell out so quickly, But I love a deal as much as you do…

But this deal won’t last forever.

And the way these have been selling – PLUS the hearty discount, we may very well sell out fast so please don’t wait.

The Perfect Impact Training Club is the only club that forces you to hit perfect shots. It’s the only club that trains your muscles and mind to hit the ball consistently.

It’s the only club that teaches you how to achieve consistent ball speed on every strike. (Which is the best way to improve your golf game.)

It’s the only club designed to help you swing like Moe Norman.

And you can order one at a big and generous discount. Plus… to make your decision even easier… I’ll even shoulder all the risk by giving you a…





60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Order the Perfect Impact Training Club today. 

Practice with it for the next two full months. If at the end of that time, you can’t honestly say this club is a game-changer… just send it back and I’ll issue a full refund. 

No questions. No problems. No hard feelings. 

You know what? 

I doubt that’ll happen. Because I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this training aid. It’s the club I wish I had when first honing my single plane swing skills. 

I’m pretty sure… once you start practicing with the Perfect Impact Training Club… you won’t give it up for any reason. 

Why would you? 

No other club virtually guarantees you develop the pro-level habit of hitting drop-dead gorgeous shots. Perfect shots. From now on. 

Get yours before the limited supply runs out… 


Todd Graves
Co-Founder of Graves Golf