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Why The Feeling Of Greatness Training Club Was Created

Todd Graves created the Feeling of Greatness Training Club for one main reason - no matter what he tried, he could NOT match Moe Norman's lead hand grip position.  

Even though he practiced like a maniac, he was not able to take the correct lead hand grip "to the course".

Todd even took the extreme measure of installing putter grips on all his clubs during a qualifier (which he disqualified himself from) just so he could feel the proper lead hand position!

In short, the Feeling of Greatness Training Club was designed by and for Todd in his personal practice.  It was only after he'd perfected the club was it available to our customers. 

Who The Feeling Of Greatness Training Club Was Developed For

"As a Single Plane Golfer, I firmly believe the Feeling of Greatness Training Club is a vital tool to help you perfect the Foundation of your Single Plane Swing." - Todd Graves

In complete honesty and full disclosure, Todd developed the Feeling of Greatness Training Club for himself.  Having made the decision to model, or copy Moe's swing exactly, he developed the Training Club to ensure that every single time he practiced, that he was doing exactly what Moe did in his Foundation - the Address and Grip.

Simply put, if you aren't developing your Single Plane Swing from a correct address and grip position, you will always find struggles in the results.

What exactly does the Feeling of Greatness training club help you perfect in your Single Plane Swing?

The Feeling of Greatness Training Club helps you by accelerating your training through immediate feedback and repetition in the Foundation & Position (Address & Grip)areas of your Single Plane Swing.

Starting with the fact that your lead hand grip IS your clubface angle throughout the swing, the club not only helps you get your grip correct, but also your body positioning correct every single time.

In addition, the Feeling of Greatness Training Club also assists you in perfecting the distance from the ball, bends and tilts necessary for a perfect Single Plane Address.

Does Todd Still Practice With the Feeling of Greatness Training Club?

"I feel different day to day.  I get out of sync, especially when I haven't played for a while.  I use the Training Club to get myself back into the correct feeling of a perfect grip and address position."

The simple answer - Yes!

Even 25 years after adopting Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing, Todd still uses the Feeling of Greatness Training club on at minimum a weekly basis.

"Within minutes, the club helps me get the feel of the address and grip positions." - Todd Graves

When Todd asked Moe years ago why he still practiced so much, Moe answered, "It can always be stronger!"

What Common Fault(s) Does the Feeling of Greatness Training Club Help You Avoid?

It all starts with the lead hand grip position relative to the clubface.  If you do not have your lead hand grip position correct, EVERY swing you make with an incorrect lead hand position will build a compensation for that incorrect lead hand grip position.

"If you are practicing with the Feeling of Greatness Training Club and having a hard time with ball flight, that is actually a GOOD thing, because the club is teaching you!" - Todd Graves

The Feeling of Greatness Training Club is insurance that you are building your Single Plane Swing correctly with every single repetition.

The Training Club also ensures you have the correct tilts & bends at address, helping you get your body into position to get the club on plane in both the backswing and downswing.

The Science Behind the Design of The Feeling of Greatness Training Club

If you skip every other video on this page, you MUST watch the video to the left!

"How your hands are connected to the golf club dictates how your body moves in the swing motion." - Todd Graves

With its molded grip placing both hands on the club perfect each and every time, the Feeling of Greatness Training Club will guarantee that your hands are placed on the club in the exact same way Moe Norman held the club.

In addition, the club will get you the perfect distance from the ball every time, as well as getting your body positioned into the perfect Single Plane Address.

Simply put, the Feeling of Greatness Training Club is a vital tool to help accelerate your mastery of the Single Plane Foundation and Address Position!

Practicing With The Feeling of Greatness Training Club

The goal of Single Plane Practice is to get closer to matching the model with every session.  

Practice is about getting a feeling for what your perfect Single Plane swing feels like.

The Feeling of Greatness Training Club will ensure with each practice session, you are not only establishing the ideal grip in relation to the clubface, but also are establishing the correct address position.

The huge bonus of the training club is that you can hit balls from your perfect Single Plane Grip and Address. 

Not only will you feel the ideal grip and address positions, you will also see how that translates to actual ball striking.

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Order the Feeling of Greatness Training Club today.  Practice with it for the next two full months. If at the end of that time, you can’t honestly say this club is a game-changer… just send it back and I’ll issue a full refund.

No questions. No problems. No hard feelings.

But I honestly doubt that’ll happen. Because I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this training aid.  It’s the club I wish I had when first honing my Single Plane Swing skills.  I’m pretty sure once you start practicing with the Feeling of Greatness Training Club… you won’t give it up for any reason.

Why would you?

No other club virtually guarantees you develop the pro-level habit of hitting drop-dead gorgeous shots. Perfect shots. From now on.

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Sincerely yours,

Todd Graves