Access 3+ Hours of Rare Moe Norman Footage ...


After two decades in hiding, you can now access 3 hours of rarely seen swing footage of Moe Norman!

At any golf event I attend, I get asked the same question – “Do you have more footage of Moe?”. And I thought I had exhausted all resources ...

Until I got a call from Dr. Jim Suttie, a Top 50 PGA teacher, who said he had spent an hour with Moe in 1992 on the range ... and luckily, it was filmed!

Moe performed an hour-long “one-on-one” clinic with Dr. Suttie. 

And “Doc,” being the ever-inquisitive instructor, asked Moe all the right questions!

Moe Norman putting on a clinic for Fred Couples, Ben Crenshaw, Nick Price and Nick Faldo. :)


In the video, Moe goes deep into the mechanics of the Single Plane Swing.

He demonstrates the swing by hitting over 200 balls.

All the while, he reveals the “hidden-in-plain-sight” secrets to….The Perfect Golf Swing!

Moe covers everything from the address position to the follow-through.

He does it in a way I’d never seen before.

This video makes up what I call the “Lost Lessons of Moe Norman” and is part of our Moe Norman Notebook video series.

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover when you watch this fantastic and rare footage of Moe in action…

  • Why “upper-body” players have a decided advantage when it comes to repeating a smooth and accurate swing with every stroke!

  • The lower body adjustment one PGA tour player picked up just by watching a video of a golf clinic Moe gave at Brevard Community College in Florida!

  • Two little-known reasons why Moe Norman was the best ball-striker in the world.

  • (First reason has to do with an almost “imperceptible” way he held his hands. The second reason refers to the placement of his legs from address to follow-through. Nobody does either of these things, and they wonder why their swings are erratic.)

  • Moe explains the crucial element to the best swing of the day he took when this video lesson was recorded! (See if you can spot it.)

  • Why golfers at all levels almost always “tweak” (and sometimes cripple) their backs! (Avoid these two needless actions in your swing and have a healthy back for as long as you play. Moe was still crackin’ country-mile-long drives at the ripe old age of 75 with no back problems whatsoever!)

  • Watch in wonder as 63-year-old Moe wallops a straight and true 300-yard drive… and then… reveals how his swing concentrates the natural power of his body into every stroke regardless of the club he uses! (It’s easier than traditional swing mechanics with less wear and tear on the body too!)

  • An unconventional way to address the ball proven to give you a “cobra-like” spring in your swing, so you…

  • What Lee Trevino meant when he told Moe: “You the longest I’ve ever seen through the ball… square.”

  • How to always launch the ball dead-center or a tad right. (Want the eye-popping accuracy of tour pros? Then follow Moe’s advice here, and your shots have no choice but to land where you decide to place them.)

  • A simple exercise Moe practiced as a kid for 5 to 10 minutes at a clip (he demonstrates the position) ingrained in his muscle memory the perfect spot to place the club so it stays on plane!

  • The big mistake of conventional golf instruction making it impossible for most players to experience their own “million-dollar swing!” (If you insist on doing this, you’ll never hit with any consistency whatsoever.)

  • Where to place your weight at impact for the greatest stability possible! (A stable stance practically guarantees repeatable results, laser beam accuracy and unbelievable distance!)

  • Another mistake of the modern swing that throws everything off kilter and usually ends up in miss hits!

  • Moe calls his shots… and… dings a car over 300 yards out in the parking lot multiple times! (Simply amazing how much control you can command over the golf swing when you know Moe’s secrets.)

  • Why Moe liked his club to change planes in the downswing and “flatten out!” (Today people who don’t know any better would laugh at his strange style… but… their snickering would turn to amazement when they saw him launch another ball waaaaay down range!)

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In addition to the fantastic “Lost Lessons of Moe Norman,” this package also includes another video chock full of footage of Moe during various clinics and interviews. You get an insider’s view into the life and times of the greatest ball-striker to ever play golf.

Moe shares his philosophy on how to play golf and win. You’ll see him teaching his unique swing and brand of golf to adoring fans. I’ll tell you, watching this video is like taking a walk down the memory lane of Moe’s life.

It’s a must-have addition to your golf video library.

Lastly, it was my privilege to spend 11 years learning directly from Moe. And something told me it was essential to keep notes about all those times I was fortunate enough to spend with Moe, and I’ve compiled my notes into a video that captures me showing you the 14 essentials of Moe’s swing.

Everything from the address position… to the backswing and transition… to the downswing, through swing, all the way to the finish, and everything in between.

If you watch the video… and practice along… then… you too can become what Moe called a “365-day” golfer.

Those three videos comprise what has become our “Notebook” video series. We’ve sold thousands of copies of that video series for $67.  

However, for this limited time only, I’m including much, MUCH more.

I’m including INSTANT DIGITAL ACCESS ... to not only the “Notebook” video series, but also the “Moe Norman Clinic Series: Decoding Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing” also!

In Moe Norman's Clinic Series: Decoding Moe's Single Plane Swing, you’ll see:

3 Separate “Never-Seen” Videos of ‘Pipeline’ Moe Norman

• Moe Hitting Like You’ve Never Seen Before (doing what he loved most, amazing an adoring crowd!)
• 3 Separate Sessions of Moe Crushing Balls (‘87,’91,’98)
• All Commentary From Moe & Audience is Subtitled (some of that old footage was hard to hear)
• Hear Moe’s Swing Commentary and Exactly the Feelings He Goes Through

The 3-D Breakdown of Moe’s Swing Fundamentals and Feelings

• Get the Detailed Meaning Behind What Moe Says
• Learn How to “Decode” Moe’s Swing With 3-D Modeling
• Precision Training Takes Your Single Plane Swing to the Next Level
• Easy-to-Implement Swing Training Designed To Improve Your Consistency – FAST

Moe’s Short Game

• Learn Moe’s Short Game From A Brand New Perspective
• Discover the Hidden “Gems” Moe Used to Get It Up and Down Every Time
• Instruction Guaranteed To Improve Your Short Game
• A Full Training in and of Itself!

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Never before have we put this package together (the team thinks I’m a little crazy), but like you, my journey to developing my “Feeling of Greatness” began with, and still includes watching, listening, and learning directly from Moe.

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Get immediate digital access to The Moe Norman Notebook and Moe Norman's Clinic Series: Decoding Moe's Single Plane Swing